The Integrity Way

We All Have Problems… The Way We Solve Them is What Makes Us Different

At Integrity, we bring a strong management consulting and technology perspective that produces measurable results to every engagement. We understand that the ability to listen, understand challenges, craft solutions, and execute to help our clients succeed is a key component of our competitive advantage. We strive to define ourselves not in what we do, but in how we do what we do, and our clients agree that this is what makes us so unique and effective.

“The Integrity Way” is our style. It’s how we engage people and companies in need, solve problems, and work as a team with our employees, clients, and partners. It serves as the foundation for our culture and defines the experience every prospect and client can expect when they work with us. While most organizations have put some thought into how they communicate their services and experience, and probably even their mission, vision, and guiding principles, what makes us different is that we operate daily with these value statements in mind. The Integrity Way is very much considered “table stakes” in the Firm – if you can’t live within these baseline expectations, allowing them to drive your actions and guide your decision making, then no hard feelings, but Integrity simply isn’t the place for you.

So why do we share the Integrity Way? It’s all about accountability. We hold one another accountable to living these ideals and want our clients and partners to feel empowered to do the same. As part of onboarding, each employee receives an Integrity-branded card that defines our seven core values on one side and the ten tenets of The Integrity Way on the other. Our employees carry these cards daily as a reminder of what it means to be a part of Integrity and of the high standards to which we hold ourselves. The Integrity Way is comprised of the following tenets:

  • Say the right thing do the right thing and maintain integrity in everything you do.
  • Be professional at all times – be timely, responsive, respectful, and prepared.
  • Provide amazing service – go above and beyond what’s expected and focus on business outcomes, not just deliverables.
  • Remember that the client is the star and the decision maker. Help our clients look good and achieve their goals.
  • Lead by example and be a team player. No one succeeds or fails alone; we win and lose together.
  • Be positive, feel empowered to try new things and don’t be afraid to fail; as long as you are learning and moving forward.
  • Listen first, understand others’ needs, and communicate often, clearly, and concisely.
  • Strive to learn and improve yourself every day.
  • Make a lasting impact on our clients and in our community.
  • Aim high, play it straight, keep it simple and have fun!