Risk Management

Many organizations view risk as the potential that something could go wrong. However, even within the best run businesses, things will sometimes not goes as planned. Risk is a reality of business that cannot be totally eliminated; in fact, risks of certain types in appropriate levels should be embraced to help organizations flourish.

Risk management is more than executing an enterprise risk assessment exercise. The largest risk most organizations face is that business decisions are being made without timely, adequate, and relevant information and analysis. Many enterprise risk management programs fail because the approach does not improve the overall decision making process or result in actionable and measurable recommendations for improvement. Risk management activities result in a positive return on investment. Effective risk management reporting methods and tools should not only provide accurate information, but also timely and relevant information. Having more timely information allows management to respond quickly to operational issues, and also identify and capitalize on fast moving business opportunities that can create a key advantage over competitors.

Integrity helps clients design and implement the processes and tools necessary to optimize risk management and help ensure:

  • Organizations spend more time addressing risk than documenting and assessing it
  • Programs have a clear scope and set of objectives
  • Cross-functional and multi-level participation
  • Programs and activities are customized and agile
  • Risk management is based on strategic objectives and risks, and not simply driven by controls

The Integrity difference lies in the experience of our professionals and our program development philosophy, which is based on the premise that risk management programs and activities should be strategic and customized to fit the size, specific needs, and culture of your organization. As with all of our service offerings, the intent is to establish activities that provide a foundation for our clients to make informed decisions in a dynamic environment.

In order to help our clients identify and manage risks, we offer the following services:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Network Assessments
  • Cyber Security and Information Assurance
  • Internal Audit, Compliance, and Control Services