NTIA FirstNet: Program and Project Management

Business Problem:

Our client – an East Coast State Government – received a $45M Federal grant to pilot the FirstNet Public Safety Broadband solution. The state was required to establish a Program Management Office to manage all communications, technical requirements, policy, and legal interfacing to NTIA FirstNet.

Integrity Services:

Integrity provided Project Management leadership and consulting on various aspects of the State’s BTOP 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband Project. Duties included maintaining NTIA relationships and ensuring appropriate grant management.  Integrity developed and worked through procurement strategies, including:

  • preparation, review, and evaluation of RFIs, SOWS, contracts, RFPs, purchase orders and any other documents necessary; and
  • coordination of activities between OIT and the Division of Purchase & Property related to procurement process including RFP evaluation, vendor selection, and contract negotiation.

Activities also encompassed ensuring ability to share State or local government-owned assets, including developing use agreements for assets owned by state, regional, local, and tribal entities. This required the development and implementation of plans and strategies related to the projects. Plans included a comprehensive communications plan to convey project benefits to State, regional, local and tribal public safety entities and to gain their support.

Project Results:

As a result of the Integrity’s performance on the Project the State was able to:

  • develop and deploy multi-jurisdictional assets to support public safety communications;
  • meet the requisite time line and budget constraints;
  • develop the core building blocks of FirstNet deployment strategies and business models;
  • establish a Compliance Program to ensure use of grant funds for appropriations; and
  • develop an Executive Communication Roadmap to guide the organization through the change.